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Structural Engineering Principles for Starting Work…

“SE Apprentice”

Web Seminar Series

The four sessions below were presented in October and November 2015 by Carrie Bremer, PE of Schaefer, and Stephen Metz, PE of SMBH, Inc. Please refer to the email you received for the password to access the videos.

If you did not register with us to receive the password, please visit the main SE Apprentice page and fill out the information at the bottom of the page to receive access.

Series Evaluation

We hope that you enjoyed participating in this SE Apprentice series. So that we can continue to provide helpful information to structural engineering students, we ask that you take a few minutes and fill out the Series Evaluation Form.

Series Recordings

All recordings can be viewed in full-screen mode. A link for the handouts is below the recording for each session.

Session 1:
Loads; What are they and Where do they Come From?
Session 2:
Structural Systems and Load Paths
Lecture1 Lecture2
Session 1 Handouts:
Loads; What are they and Where do they Come From? (PDF File)
Session 2 Handouts:
Structural Systems and Load Paths (PDF File)
Session 3:
Design and Coordination
Session 4:
Contract Documents
Lecture3 Lecture4
Session 3 Handouts:
Design and Coordination (PDF File)
Session 4 Handouts:
Contract Documents (PDF File)
Generator Drawings


These sessions will be most applicable to Seniors and Graduate Students, and may also be helpful for younger students, and new graduates.